Excess Winter Deaths (EWD) in England

This atlas was updated in January 2013 and now includes data up to July 2011.

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Excess deaths in winter (EWD) continue to be an important public health issue in the UK, potentially amenable to effective intervention. This excess death is greatest in both relative and absolute terms in elderly people and for certain disease groups. It also varies from area to area. EWD are also associated with cold weather, but it has been observed that other countries in Europe especially the colder Scandinavian countries have relatively fewer excess winter deaths in winter compared to the UK.

Information on excess winter deaths is important in:

  • tackling certain premature deaths;
  • supporting energy efficient interventions in housing;
  • encouraging fuel poverty referral.

Recently, the Public Health Outcomes Framework ‘Healthy lives, healthy people: Improving outcomes and supporting transparency’ published in January 2012 proposed reducing excess winter mortality as one of the outlined outcomes for the “Healthcare public health and preventing premature mortality” domain.

This interactive mapping tool has been produced by the West Midlands Public Health Observatory (WMPHO) on behalf of the Network of Public Health Observatories in England using Instant Atlas™ from Geowise. It allows the user to view excess winter deaths data in England with the facility to drill down to local authorities to access the following information:

  1. Excess winter deaths single and three year rolling trend data for England and Local Authorities from 1990-2011
  2. Excess winter deaths by selected age groups:
    • under 65s;
    • 65-84;
    • 85+;
    • all ages.
  3. Excess winter deaths by selected condition (underlying causes of death):
    • Circulatory [ICD10 I00-I99];
    • CHD [ICD10 I20-I25];
    • Stroke [ICD10 I61-I69];
    • Respiratory [ICD10 J00-J99];
    • Influenza & Pneumonia [ICD10 J09-J18];
    • Chronic lower respiratory diseases [ICD10 J40-J47]
    • All cause.

    Previous analysis has shown that these conditions contributed to most of the excess winter deaths in England.

Technical documentation on excess winter deaths can be downloaded from within the atlas or from the links below: