Public Health Information Learning Materials

Public Health Information Learning Materials developed by WMPHO as part of Birmingham University's Masters in Public Health course. These materials were used for the 2010 version of the course.

Health & Welfare Services

  1. Health Care and NHS in England today
  2. Poor Law and Welfare
  3. Sanitary Reform and Public Health
  4. History of Medical Care and the NHS


  1. The Census
  2. Registration of Births and Deaths
  3. Population Change

Classification of Disease & ICD

  1. Classification of Disease & ICD

Major Causes of Morbidity and Mortality in the UK

  1. Describing Morbidity and Mortality
  2. Major causes of Mortality
  3. Hospital activity
  4. Primary Care
  5. Social Services Data
  6. Population Surveys
  7. Trends over time in mortality and morbidity
  8. Geographical differences
  9. Socio-economic differences
  10. Ethnic differences

Determinants of health

  1. Sources of information
  2. Socio-economic and Environmental Determinants
  3. Lifestyle Determinants

Description of a Disease

  1. Ischaemic Heart Disease