National Drug Treatment Monitoring System
West Midlands

Core Data Set K

Core Data Set K will be collected by treatment services from 1st April 2013. Details of the changes to this data set are given in the Core Data Set K Newsletter. The data collection forms have also been updated to reflect the new information to be collected for Core Data Set K and this information is also provided below. Further information about Core Data Set K, including the Business Definitions and Reference Data documentation can be viewed on the NTA’s website:

Core Data Set K Newsletter

Data Collection Forms

Core Data Set J

Core Data Set J will be collected by Adult Drug Treatment Services and Adult Alcohol Treatment Services from 1st November 2012. Below are some useful documents for your NDTMS data collection. For further information about Core Data Set J, including the Business Definitions, Reference Data documentation and an implementation guide, please refer to the NTA’s website.

Presentation from Core Data Set J Training Seminars (September – October 2012)

Core Data Set J Data Collection Forms

Core Data Set J Action Plan


From April 2011 agencies started to submit data to NDTMS using a new version of DAMS (phase III). Below are some useful documents to assist you with using DAMS.

Presentation from DAMS Training

DAMS Quick Reference Guidance

DAMS Bulletin – Some Useful Information About Using DAMS

This document gives some useful information about using DAMS, including how to process validations and submissions in DAMS, some things to think about when resolving missing information, along with examples of the reasons that your data may be missing and the option to select when resolving missing information.

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