Work in progress

The WMPHO workplan is agreed with the Regional Director of Public Health and approved by the WMPHO board. However it is open to influence by all the stakeholders WMPHO serves – Central Department of Health, Department of Health in the West Midlands, West Midlands SHA, PCTs, Local Authorities, NHS Provider Trusts and Others. It is a flexible plan and changes to reflect the changing priorities of the public health community. The following are excerpts from the work plan of projects planned for delivery in the next 6 months.

Work primarily for Regional Stakeholders

Reactive Query Service

Response to public health queries from PCTs, Local Authorities and others. The WMPHO Information Team staff work on a rota basis to deal with information requests. The team aims to answer most queries within 48 hours and nearly all within 14 days.

WMPHO lead: The information team (Stacey Croft)
Continuously available

Publication of PHTalk - Jan / Feb / Mar 2013

Quarterly newsletter with news of important local and national public health events and issues. Jointly produced with West Midlands DH.

WMPHO lead: Sharon Walton
1st April 2013

Maintenance of Regional Input to NDTMS

Ensure complete and accurate recording of drug treatment by West Midlands drug and alcohol agencies to National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS).

WMPHO lead: Jennie Coleman
Data base updated every month

Work primarily for National Stakeholders

Development of the HIA Gateway

Maintains and develops the HIA Gateway seeking out information relevant to HIA and to support practitioners in HIA and other Impact Assessments. Those registered with the site receive a monthly update of new resources added to the site. Quarterly reports on progress are sent to the Department of Health. The HIA Bibliography is up dated quarterly.
Continuously available/Quarterly (March, June, September, December)

WMPHO lead: Sue Wright
Site being continuously improved and updated.

Response to enquiries

HIA Gateway aims to respond to requests for information within 48 hours.

WMPHO lead: Sue Wright
Continuously available

Journal Paper on HIA

Paper on HIA by the HIA Gateway and a HIA team has been accepted in the Journal of Community Informatics and is due to be published in the September edition.

WMPHO lead: Sue Wright
September 2012

Public Health Outcomes Framework indicators

LHO in collaboration with the Department of Health are leading on work to pull together a dataset of the PHOF indicators. Work around producing the data for each of the indicators has been shared out across the PHOs.

WMPHO lead: Stacey Croft
Phase 1: Late Autumn 2012

Maintenance of the HIA gateway

The HIA gateway is a national and international web site which provides access to information and resources on Health Impact Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment and health in other impact assessments. It contains a large collection of completed HIA reports as well as guidance and other documents relating to these assessments.

WMPHO lead: Sue Wright
Site being continuously improved and updated.