The Older People’s Health and Wellbeing Atlas

Getting Started

The atlas is based on Instant Atlas software. To view the atlas you will need Adobe's Flash plug-in for your browser. To install this please download Adobe Flashplayer from the Adobe Flash install page. You can test your browser support for Flash by clicking on the Adobe Flash version test page.

The following are introductory steps to view an indicator profile for an area (click is left click unless otherwise stated):

Step 1

Choose a local authority:- Select a local authority (LA) area from the map. Names of the local authorities appear when you hover over them. You can use the + and – signs to zoom in and out respectively. Hold down left mouse button and keep it depressed, move the mouse and the map will move as if dragged. The selected area will be highlighted in navy blue.

Step 2

Display profile:– Click on the name of a Theme in the right hand frame to expand the spine chart displaying the indicators. There is a scrollbar on the right to navigate through the chart. These can be collapsed again by clicking on the theme name.

Step 3

Update map and indicator description:- Select the name of an indicator in the spine chart. The title of the indicator will be displayed under the atlas title. The indicator description will update to show the definition, rationale and data source of the indicator now displayed in the map.

There are more functions and ways in which the atlas can be navigated. Please refer to the User Guide for further information.