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TitleDate PublishedPublication TypeMetadata
How many Migrants are there in the West Midlands and who are they?1 Mar 2011Adobe Acrobat DocumentView
National Child Measurement Programme - West Midlands Results 2009/1014 Jan 2011Microsoft Excel SpreadsheetView
Equity Report for Smoking in Pregnancy for the West Midlands: 2008-200913 Jan 2011Adobe Acrobat DocumentView
West Midlands Smoking Equity Reports: 2008-200913 Jan 2011htmlView
Smoking in the West Midlands: Data from the Integrated Household Survey 2009/201016 Dec 2010Adobe Acrobat DocumentView
NDTMS 2008/09 Annual report7 Dec 2010Adobe Acrobat DocumentView
Information on Alcohol treatment and misuse in the West Midlands1 Dec 2010Adobe Acrobat DocumentView
West Midlands National Child Measurement Programme: School Year 2008/912 Nov 2010Adobe Acrobat DocumentView
Presentation on NCMP 2008/9 in the West Midlands22 Oct 2010Adobe Acrobat DocumentView
Promotion of Physical Activity in Older People in the West Midlands14 Oct 2010Adobe Acrobat DocumentView
Health Indicators For School Age Children29 Sep 2010htmlView
Key Health Data Chapters (Sept 2010)1 Sep 2010htmlView
Comparison of Obesity Segmentation and Sport England Sport Market Segmentation30 Jul 2010htmlView
Health Effects of Climate Change in the West Midlands: Summary Report31 Mar 2010Adobe Acrobat DocumentView
Health Effects of Climate Change in the West Midlands: Technical Report31 Mar 2010Adobe Acrobat DocumentView
NCMP West Midlands Results 2008/200912 Mar 2010Microsoft Excel SpreadsheetView
Public Health Modelling10 Feb 2010Adobe Acrobat DocumentView
Young People of 2000/01.. the adults of today?1 Dec 2009Adobe Acrobat DocumentView
National Child Measurement Programme West Midlands Results 2007/200822 Oct 2009Adobe Acrobat DocumentView
Social Care in the West Midlands 2007/0814 Oct 2009Adobe Acrobat DocumentView
West Midlands Stop Smoking Services: Regional Equity Profile 2007/0812 Oct 2009Adobe Acrobat DocumentView
Excess Winter Deaths in the West Midlands17 Sep 2009Adobe Acrobat DocumentView
Key Health Data Chapters (Sept 2009)1 Sep 2009htmlView
Deprivation in the West Midlands - Indices of Multiple Deprivation 200724 Jun 2009Adobe Acrobat DocumentView
Indications 10: Drug Use10 Jun 2009htmlView